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When I'm thinkin on you

Автор: vredina
When I'm thinkin on you,
I know - that dreams come true.
That I feel just like you.
I'll keep this all time through.

Our feelings came so far,
We claimed the brightest star.
I've opened all my heart
By knowing - we'll never be apart.

I know what's mean the rainy day
And every night the God I pray.
I hope we will find the way.
But life's on going anyway...

On my face there is a smile
Recalling days we're on the sky.
There's a lot of wonder left inside,
It's like a river that's so wide.

There were a cross the road,
I guess my choise was wrong:
You were knocking on my door,
But I let you go...

I can't stop to cry, it hurts.
I try to hide, but it me burns.
I feel how breaks my heart in two.
How could again I lose you?
Добавлено: 18:55 16.05.2009
15:04 17.05.2009
Комментарий от автора: Хранительница Очага
incredibly touching...
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