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Автор: nazar
Is that a myth that everyone has couple in his life?
Or destiny rewards selected ones?
Is it so difficult to find deserving wife?
Or may I have already lost it once?

How would I know that she is the one?
Was born in order to complete my heart
So many things that I can’t understand
So many things that seem to be so hard…

If only I could see her, find out who she is
I’d never let her go, nor would dismiss
Would look into her eyes, and find my way
Into her heart, and then will say

“Believe in me, that’s what I want from you
Believe with me, in order to get through
I’ll turn impossible into reality; I’ll make things true
You just believe in me as I believe in you…”
Добавлено: 19:54 09.04.2009
21:23 13.04.2009
Комментарий от автора: vredina
wow...I can say just "wow"...
touching... Hope that u found ur true love since 1999...
Автор: Хранительница Очага 15:06 07.05.2009
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